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I loved Endgame, however, it wasn’t my favourite Marvel film, don’t get me wrong, the special effects were amazing, the humour was on point as with the previous films before it and it was an amazing way to wrap up the past 10 years and say goodbye to a few of our favourites.

But for me, that is all it was, a goodbye and a wrap up of all the 21 films before it, for me, it was more of a Marvel’s Greatest hits film, there was very little story of its own, most of the scenes we love were mainly references to previous films or answers to questions we had from previous storylines.

Spoiler Alert.

My review will be taking this and most of the Marvel films apart so if you have not seen it please stop reading and go buy the film. But once again, please don’t get me wrong, I loved the film but it could have been much better.

Gets Get Started.

Set during the battle of Wakanda (Infinity War), while Thor fails to stop Thanos from making the snap (off-screen) we start the film with Hawkeye and his daughter practising archery, Thanos snaps his family away almost in front of his eyes.

We skip forward to Tony and Nebular on the Benatar playing games to pass the time and bonding as their final moments are accepted by them both, however, just before the air runs out, Captain Marvel appears and saves the day.

What’s Wrong Here?

How did they get the starship flying again? Yes, Tony, is a genius and Nedulr knows how to work it but during the battle, Thanos destroyed a moon and sent to crashing down to the surface and from watching Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, we know the starships they use are in noway indestructible.

I feel it would have made more sense for Captain Marvel to have found them on Titan, as that is where cosmic energy was being used by Thanos with the Stones as he battled Iron Man and Dr Strange, how did she find them floating in space, was it just luck that she was on the way to earth and the Benatar just happened to be in her direct flightpath? (A little too easy for me) would have made more sense if she detected the battle on Titan with her Kree Tech.

They make it back to earth, Pepper just happens to be at the Avengers compound, after Tony is missing for over 3 weeks? (Romantic greeting that makes your heart melt, but story writers tend to look deeper)

First references to previous films.

Tony said he had a vision, he saw this coming, is a reference to Age of Ultron when Wonda gave Tony a false vision of the future (or a version of the future that didn’t actually happen) he also said we’d lose and you said we’d do it together and you won’t there, this was also Age of Ultron before they went after Ultron.

Rocket locates Thanos because of his use of the stones, surely Captain Marvel could have done the same to located Tony as I explained above.

Second References.

Steven looks at his stopwatch with the picture of Peggy, (Captain America 1) and showing that even after all this time, he has still not gotten over losing her. As Thor kills Thaos, Rocked asks “What did you do?” Thor replies with “I went for the head” (Infinity War end scene)

5 Years Later

First New Storyline

The reference to the earthquake under the see in north Africa is almost a sure-shot at tellings us that Namour is currently in the MCU, to when Thanos attacked Wakonda 5 years ago, did Atlantis just sit back and think, naa, it’s fine, we’ll let the Avengers save the world and years before that when Loki attacked New York with the intention of taking over the whole world, was the Atlantians sleeping, again with Ultron, a world-ending event and they just sat back and watched it on TV, hold on, do they even watch TV?

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