Lovely day to London with Dee

Had a lovely day out with Dee in London.

Me and EllyBob took the train ti London today where qe met upnwoth Dee, we headed off to Harrods and had a look around, Elise enjoyed seeing the cuddly toys and gave a few a snuggle, we then got hungry and PizzaHut was on both mine and Dees mind so we fp8nd the nearest one, with a little help from Google.

I say help, it took us round in a circle before telling us the actual route but we got there in the end, after PizzaHut, we went to Hyde Park where Elise made some new friends and played while me and Dee sat in the sun trying to keep our hands off each other, (it’s didn’t work) lol

Elise took no time at all to finish an Ice Cream that we’d bought for her, we then said goodbye to Dee at the underground and headed back to the main station where the train was already sat waiting for us.

Were now on the way back home for a cuddle up and finish to a lovely day.

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