1: December 17th 17

Today was looking at cleaning the house, Filipa has just left to see her family and I’m just waiting around for Elsie’s Mum to pick her up.

It’s her time to have her for the day, it’s around 11:30 now and she’s waiting on her cuz to drop her round.

Think soft play was the plan for today, Elise and Jo’s cuz’s little one play together at Kassiopi Cove in Erith.

Kassiopi Cove is a fun place for kids to play and let of steam while given parents a break, they have things like soft cushions to jump on and big slides aswell as a maze and other fun things for kids (and grown-ups, shh)

While she’s out ill be on tidy duty making this place lool a little more presentable, I’ll also try and get some of my stories written, no promises though.

Oh and I’ll be texting the amazing Filipa as always, only times my thumbs get a break from texting her is when she’s here with me 🙂

Can you blame me 🙂 she’s amazing. :p


Can’t stop smiling when she texts me 🙂

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