TCU Names & Abilities

OK time to sit down and think of names of all my characters.

First of all Ashleigh’s name is going to be changed to Ashlee, I prefer that spelling, what do you think?

Name: Ashlee Louise Carey
Adoptive Name: Ashlee Jenkins
AKA: Angel
Abilities: Lightning / Heal or reverse death / Can Fly / Can’t be mind controlled.

Name: Cheryl Ann Carey
Other Names: Cherylyn Turner
AKA: Phoenix
Abilities: Fire / Premonitions / Can’t be burnt.

Name: Jennifer May Carey
Adoptive Name: Jennifer Gray
AKA: Karma
Abilities: Controls Energy and Transfers it / Perception Altering / Psychokinetic / Psychic Reflection

Name: Jade Marie Carey
Adoptive Name: Jade Collins
AKA: Flux
Abilities: Speedster / Trans Kinetic / Enhanced Vision

Name: Jessica Ellie Carey
Adaptive Name: Jessica Jolie
AKA: Ellie
Abilities: Elemential Control / Energy Transferrance / Molecular Immobilization

Name: Danny Lee Carey
Adoptive Name: Danny James
AKA: MechanicD
Abilities: Controls any technology / Has nanobots to build and change technology

Name: Jay Dean Carey
Adoptive Name: Jay Rogers
AKA: Creator
Abilities: Creates other dimensions/worlds and takes items from there / Glamouring

Name: Steven Adam Carey
Adoptive Name: Steven Jones
AKA: Steven Powers
Abilities: Psychokinetic / Enhanced Hearing / Orb Power / Levitation

Name: Melanie Chloe Carey
Adoptive Name: Melanie Cole
AKA: Mel
Abilities: Telekinesis / Astral Projection / Sheilding / Molecular Acceleration

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