Idea for Ashlee and my story section


OK been thinking alot about Ashlee’s character, who I’d like to base her on and I loved Sian from the Circle, I don’t know if you have seen it or not, but I loved the way she was towards to middle to the end and I feel she would be a good starting point for Ashlee’s character, what do you think?

I want Ashlee to be quite funny, common, bubbly and out spoken, Ashlee is going to have golden blonde hair, very tall, pretty and have an attractive aura about her.

My Story Section

Is a little hard to navigate when using your mobile device so I am thinking of removing it completely from this website ( but focusing on readability and mobile friendly websites like ( / ( The Carey Universe already has its own website ( but not much work has been done on it yet, however, you can visit The Carey Universe and read the first 3 chapters of Phoenix – From The Ashes.

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