Jay Carey New Hero – Story Idea!!!

Jay Carey is someone who falls in love with his best friend Sarah Willis who is in a relationship with another man.

Jay has an unusual ability, he is able to create worlds in his mind and bring them or elements of them into this world, it takes great strength and is very draining on him to do so as a result of this, he is only able to conjure them for short periods of time.

Every day he goes home and he changes reality for himself, he goes home and escapes into his own made up world where Sarah lives with him and they have two twin children, a massive house and all the money they need.

When Jay hears the news of Sarah’s engagement to her boyfriend he starts using the gift more and more, for longer lengths of time then he should making him weaker and weaker the more he uses it, he’s consumed by the pain of not having Sarah and almost kills himself by refusing to let the other world go.

Ashlee stops Jay before it’s too late and heals he’s broken heart and asks him to fight with her for the battle of London.

World Apart Idea – Jay Carey
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