Over Thinking

I do this a lot, over think things, things that others may seem silly of not such a big deal.
Like how to help someome who is hurting or in trouble emotionally, saying the right thing, trying not to allow my own personal feelings over-judge the advise this person is seeking.
Not that I’m very good at hiding my emotional or personal feelings, if I feel or think something, I tend to just say it, or I’ll find a good meme on Facebook that relates to how I am feeling at the time.
I always try to see the best in people, however, I never seem to get judged as a good person myself, I am always stereotyped as the bad guy in almost every situation.
When I give a compliment to someone, it’s because I actually mean it, although the smile is a bonus, it’s usually the truth and the person receiving it usually dosent beleive or accept it, not from me anyway.
I guess you need to be special yourself, in order to make an impact on another special person when giving them compliments.

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