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About Me

Interested in me? Well you are crazy but here you go, information about me can be found here.

Family & Special People

Special people in my life, past and present, take a look at people clocest to my heart.

My Ideas & Compines.

Always doing something, take a look at my ideas and companies I’ve started/thought up.

My Stories

I love writing and am currently working on a series of stories, come take a look.

Hire Me?

Do you like my website, would you like one of your own?

I have been creating blogs / communities / fansites & websites since 2002

I have always loved computers and using the internet but I am the kind of person that if I see something that could be better.

Used to chat in forums and chatrooms when I was younger but never used to like the look of them so I started building my own and had a good few online communities for many years.

I learnt many skills that I use today in building professional websites for businesses and organisations.

If you need a website for personal, business or just for fun then give me a shout and I be happy to get started.

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CSS / HTML Coding

PHP / SQL Databases

Social Networking


Support & Advice


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