Story Idea. (Cheryl & James)

Story Idea. (Cheryl & James) – Formanly Cheryl & Sam.

Cheryl will often do a grand gesture or something sweet for James and he will either see the bad in it or soon after cause an argument over something petty taking them from what should be a sweet or happy state to a now, recovery or makeup state and at best, they return to a normal state instead of being on a high witch is what she intended by the gesture.

If she asks him not to do something or to keep something private to certain people, he will always end up doing the opposite, or going behind her back and revealing what is considered personal to her.

But it doesn’t stop there, not only does he go behind her back, but he makes a point of telling her that he did the one thing she asked him not to do, so it’s the betrayal of going against her, as well as the dig that it was done, she would prefer that, if he was going to go behind her back, then he should have kept it there and not splashed it in her face or made it all about him.

Cheryl is battling with the conflict in her mind, is James wanting to break up with her but too scared to actually do it himself, so are these intentional digs and betrayals, his way of causing the argument needed for a fight and using it as a reason to break up?

Why would James continue to do certain things Cheryl has asked him not to do, and then tell her right away after, it’s not a matter of respect and honesty, the respect was lost when he did what she asked him not to do, the honesty after was unnecessary, added after damage, if he really needed to unload the secret she has bestowed upon him for his own peace of mind, then he should have not told her that he betrayed her trust.

Cheryl often lets things like this go and doesn’t fight James on it, she just wants a happy life and to be in a happy relationship with James but is very unsure as to whether he really wants to be with her, James insists that he loves Cheryl and wants to build his future with her but has proven that their personal life is not private to others, she feels that she can not confidently confide in him and be sure that it will just stay between the two of them, Cheryl also feels that she can not really express her emotions for James without him finding something negative about the situation or happening shortly after spoiling the mood.

Cheryl is very open to James and able to compromise on many things and is able to see James’s point of view, James claims that he is as open-minded and compromises just as much, however, is very dismissive of Cheryl’s ideas if he disagrees with them, Cheryl is able to see both sides and will allow James to do what he feels best as well as implementing her own ideas, but James will tell her, no, we aren’t doing this, or are not doing that because he disagrees with or has strong feelings against her feelings or ideas.

Cheryl wants to have a child with James but is scared that one day she will not be able to cope with letting these little things go and finally snap or confront him and she is terrified that when that day comes, James will leave her, Cheryl feels that she isn’t good enough for James and is lucky to have him, so is willing to allow him to get away with most things he does and puts up with these little things in order to keep him happy, she feels if she asserts herself and says no, that he will lose interest in her and or cause an argument, Cheryl feels the benefits of having James in her life and her feelings towards him out-way the risk of losing him by upsetting things.

Cheryl is worried that these silly issues that James brings up are not necessary and could potentially be his attempts at starting or the start of him getting out of the relationship or driving a wedge between them, she finds it very hard to trust that what she tells him stays between them and she has to think twice before she opens her mouth.

James prefers drama, although he will deny it till the cows come home and when she mentioned the word drama, James will say the things he does are not drama and he could her drama if she wanted when they chat, he will always focus on the negative, Cheryl can say 4 or 5 sweet/nice/loving or endearing things to James but if there is just one negative/nasty/horrid or bad thing in that sentence, James will focus on that aspect of the conversation first.

Will Cheryl’s trust issues overwhelm her, will she open up about how she feels or will she finally snap at James, Is James looking for an easy way out or is Cheryl just really hard to live with? Let’s see….

Story Name Ideas:

The Love For Drama | After Damage | Clouded State

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