Fallen behind on my posting.

Not really posted that much lately, been mostly on my phone when I am free texting someone who has become very important to me.
Also been focusing on writing my stories with help from the above mentioned person.
The smile seems to have returned to my face, and this one is real, not the fake smiles I used to give everyone after I’d been let down for the 30th time.
These smiles are explosions of happy emotions, never connected with anyone so much, so soon simply over text and our phone calls, she makes my heart melt, the way she talks about my little #EliseCrockett
I’m meeting her tomorrow, really nervous now, the closer the time gets to seeing her, the more nervous I feel.
Can’t wait, just hope shes the same in-person, that she is in the virtual world lol.

Anyway my stories will no longer be posted on this website, I am currently working on Phoenix: 01 From The Ashes, you can view the first 3 chapters here.
Let me know what you think.

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