Happy New Year 2019

First proper post of 2019, haven’t (Apart from my charity appeal) posted on here in almost a year, a lot has happened since I was with Filipa, some good things like us breaking up (yay, lucky escape) and a few bad things, like being alone most of the year, I don’t do very well being on my own.

I met someone special to me half way through the year, however, as special as she is to me, she has her own life and I have had to respect the fact I can not see her as often as I would like, hopfuly that will change this year, that all depends on her, so fingers crossed ah…

I will be posting in here a lot more than last year, I lost heart in it, after me and Filipa broke up, mainly stuck to posting depressing memes on Facebook and feeling sorry for myself, I nelected my story and wrote a grand total of 3 chapters, yeah I know, 3 in a year is hopless isn’t it.

Tell me what you think go have a read – ( http://carey.ckett.london/phoenix-from-the-ashes/ ) let me know if I should keep going, or if writing just isn’t for me lol.

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