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Focusing on my book for the next year is a total must, with investment and interested from a publishing company I’ve really gotta commit to getting these ideas ready for editing.

  1. Write the first draft of the story.
  2. Develop the characters (personalities, abilities, skills, likes\dislikes etc)
  3. Create the main theme around the first draft.
  4. Research on locations, companies, technical terminology.
  5. Edit and alter storylines.
  6. Share the results.
  7. Edit after feedback.

And all this before I can present this to my editors and have it turned from my idea into an actual story.

Things I’ll be needed are like:

  1. Notepads.
  2. New mini laptop to take around.
  3. Whiteboard and markers.
  4. Sticky notes.
  5. Pens and paper to jot shit down.
  6. Proper desk and chair.

Beginning to buzz knowing someone is interested explorering my idea and taking it to market, hoping that one day it will enspire others to also do the same.

Hay, that’s if its any good, it may turn out to be the biggest loada crap ever but you never know lol.

A percentage of the profits made from this will go to one of the charities I sponsor.

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John Crockett

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