Been Contacted By A Publisher

Wow, blown away, was contacted yesterday by a publisher regarding a few of my stories!!!
Been messing around with writing for about 7 years now and after being contacted by a publisher yesterday, I have set my goals to writing from here on out.
Great news after a bad start to the year, was hoping for this, but also hoping to share it with someone special, the beginning of the year was meant to start with a strong foundation of something special, but turned out to be the end of a one-sided thing.
I said it was not about ending a relationship, it was meant to be making something stronger or to let go of someone who didn’t want to be in the relationship, she chose to pick the second so it ended there and then.

So one day soon you’ll be seeing my Carey Stories inprint and if loved enough maybe on the big screen like the Avengers lol.
Got so much work to do over the next year!!

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